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76025 Green Lantern vs. Sinestro is a DC Universe Super Heroes set to be released in 2015. It includes Green Lantern, Space Batman, Sinestro, a jet for Green Lantern, and a containment tube to capture Green Lantern's lantern (his power source).


The main part of the set is the Green Lantern jet which is coloured mainly green, black and includes trans-green hightlights. The front is in three main sections, one being the cockpit and the others are curved sides where the wings end. The cockpit is set upfront with a white pilot chair. The jet features a rounded transparent green canopy with a Green Lantern logo printed on a black slope in front of the jet. The wings are green with a 1x3 slope piece and a new stud shooter element that seems to connect to another stud rather than have a handle. The back features an exhaust with 1x2 grilles that are black and lime green. The jet has two large flaps on the back which are trans green.

Another section of the set is the containment tube. It features a transparent white window and a holder for the Lantern to be put inside of it. The rest of the construct is yellow and black. It's feature is made by hitting the Sinestro Corps symbol on the top.


The set in its entirety

Green Lantern has a dark brown hairpiece which was previously used on Mutt Williams, Commissioner Gordon, and several others. His face has nougat lines for cheekbones and a green domino mask with dark green highlights. He has a grinning expression. He wears a tight green shirt with black detailing, his lantern symbol and black sleeves. He has white gloves, black hips and green legs which have black printed boots on them.

Batman wears a new silver cowl over his face with openings over his orange eyes and now his mouth and chin. The brow is moulded into a permanent scowl and has two shorter bat-shaped ears poking up. The expression revealed through the opening over the mouth is a breathing mask. Batman wears a bulky costume with space gear, this time the suit is white. A yellow oval is one his chest with a black batsymbol inside. He wears a white utility belt with a hexagonal buckle and a high tech packet on either side. He has light grey gloves and hips. He has a Jetpack connected by a transparent white connector. The "Cape" is supposedly made of a thin plastic to achieve wings. You can de-attach them and add a new cape to the jetpack too, which is speculated to have a closed wing design.

Sinestro uses a black hairpiece which has a widows peak and it curves in the middle just to come back up. The hairpiece is also used on Joker (Green) and Chancellor Palpatine (light tan). His face is a dark pink and has purple cheekbones. Sinestro features a thin black mustache, yellow eyes and an angry expression. He wears a tight yellow shirt with black detailing, his lantern symbol and black sleeves. He has yellow gloves, black hips and yellow legs with black upper leg printing making it seem like he has yellow boots.


The set depicts Sinestro capturing Green Lantern's power source in a construct of Sinestro's, and Batman coming to help Green Lantern while Green Lantern uses a jet which is a construct of his


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