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76038 Attack On Avengers Tower is a 515 piece Marvel Super Heroes set based on The Avengers: Age of Ultron film released in 2015. It includes Iron Man, Thor, Ultron, and 2 Iron Legion Accomplices.


The Heroes are having a party when suddenly Avengers Tower comes under Ultron attack from the inside! Evil Ultron Mark 1 has assembled himself in the lab and is exploding out the windows. Help Iron Man and Thor to defeat Ultron and the 2 Iron Legion accomplices under his control.

Make plans in the JARVIS control room and treat injured Super Heroes in the sick bay.

An Iron Legion is blasting out the doors and windows of the ground-floor robot bay. The other has stolen the Loki Scepter from the analysis lab so pursue him with Thor and take aim from the roof of the tower with the secret hidden drone and stud shooters.

You must retrieve the Scepter and stop Ultron! Includes 5 minifigures with a weapon and assorted accessories: Ultron Mark 1, 2 Iron Legions, Iron Man and Thor.

Minifigures Included

Lego Mark XLVIII.png
Thor (Age of Ultron).png
Ultron (Mk I).png
Iron Legionnaire.png
Iron Man (Mark 43)Thor (Age of Ultron)Ultron (MK 1)Iron Legion Accomplice (2x)


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