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7633 Construction Site is a City Construction set released in 2009. It contains 898 pieces to construct 5 minifigures, a large mobile crane, a small digger, a shop that is being built by the workers and a truck and trailer that can carry pieces of the shop to the work site.



The minifigures consists of five workers: one delivery man and four Builders, each with a different face and one with blue trousers.


There is also small digger for minifigures to drive when foundations need to be dug. The treads can move, and the rotating cockpit seats one minifigure inside. Also, a yellow bucket is attached to the body, which can lift or dump its load.


In total, the crane has room for three minifigures: two in the driver's seats and one in the crane controls. Features include six massive wheels, controls on the sides, a huge lifting and rotating crane on the sides with a hook on the top, and four outriggers that extends out of the crane.


The main plot of this set is the shop. The workers can stick bricks or furniture to the bottom, and the higher bits of the model require a working lift to help. The shop has a roof, and six "body" parts. But some pieces can be taken to the construction site with the Delivery Truck.

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This big construction site has it all! Time to get to work! As the shovel digger scoops up dirt, the delivery truck arrives with another piece of the building. The construction workers on the moving elevator hook it up to the XXL mobile crane and lift the newest part into place!

  • Incredible construction site includes 3 vehicles, construction equipment and accessories, elevator, 5 minifigure workers, and modular building and roof that you can raise and assemble one section at a time.
  • Tons of action play in the telescopic crane, moving elevator and more!
  • Crane measures 17"(43cm) long and 13"(33cm) high!

Award Winner:

  • Creative Child's 2009 Preferred Choice Award
  • iParenting Media's Hot Toy Award

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