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7648 MT-21 Mobile Mining Unit is a Mars Mission set released in 2008.


This set contains the MT-21 Mobile Mining Unit, which is a vehicle driven by an Astronaut. Inside is a high-tech mobile laboratory, and attached to it are a detachable drilling vehicle, a smaller and a robot holding a crystal. Also included is an alien minifigure with a jet pack and an astronaut. description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Two high-tech vehicles in one!
The MT-21 Mobile Mining Unit is out on a mission, drilling for energy crystals and transporting them back to base in its detachable high-tech mobile laboratory. Just watch out for the alien and its jet pack! Detach the drilling vehicle to search for energy crystals! Front opens to seat minifigure driver and sides open to store energy crystals! Mobile Mining Unit measures 7'(18 cm) long! Includes astronaut minifigure and glow-in-the-dark alien with jet pack!

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