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7654 Droids Battle Pack was released in 2007 as part of the Star Wars Revenge of the Sith line. It is a Battle Pack that contains four Battle Droid and three Super Battle Droid minifigures. This set comes with a droid tank and a Version II STAP.


The main construction part of the set was the transport speeder. It has room at the back for five droids; two of the Battle Droids, and the three Super Battle Droids. Their blasters can fit just behind the pilot. The pilot (who is a normal Battle Droid stands upright in a cone, from which it pilots the vehicle. On either side of it is a gun turret made up of a long blaster, using a lightsaber blade and handle (both in grey), with a small blaster underneath each of them. The other part of the set is a STAP. It is made out of an upright strut, with an engine holding two guns on the top and engines connecting to the sides. There is a brick for the Battle Droid to stand on, but this does not stay in place unless the transparent piece to hold it up is connected on. This means that the setup on the box is impossible, unless some other means is used to hold the piece on.


The speeder was used to transport Battle Droids and Super Battle Droids into battle. The picture on the box represents a scene from Kashyyyk, in which there were Battle Droids fighting against Wookiees. The STAP, which stands for Single Trooper Aerial Platform, was first seen in the movies in Episode I, during the invasion of Naboo.

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Droids Battle Pack

The Trade Federation is on the march! Send your Separatist forces into battle against the Republic with a droid transport carrier and "hovering" STAP vehicle, complete with a full squad of armed and combat-ready battle droids. Includes 4 Battle Droid and 3 Super Battle Droid minifigures.

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