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7668 Rebel Scout Speeder is a Star Wars Legends released in January 2008. It contains four Rebel Trooper minifigures.


The Rebel Scout Speeder is built on two black baseplates with flat bricks at the bottom. The sides are built mainly of sloping light sand bricks, with white and dark grey at the front. On top of these bricks is a dark grey layer with clips for four guns, two on each side. The front dark grey sloping brick has a republic sticker. On top of this is a glass. At the far back is an engine. Directly at the front of the engine is a turret with a revolving gun at the top that can be controlled by a Rebel Trooper. All four of the Rebel Troopers can fit in the speeder, with one on the cannon.


Rebel Scout Speeders were used by the Rebel Alliance to combat the Galactic Empire and transport troops into battle.


  • This set was released in some areas in 2007, but was officially released everywhere else in January 2008.

Minifigures Included[]

7668 Rebel
7668 Rebel
7668 Rebel
7668 Rebel
Rebel TrooperRebel TrooperRebel TrooperRebel Trooper Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Fight for the Rebellion!

When the Empire is on the march, the Rebels fight back! The Rebel Scout Speeder is ready for action with a detachable rotating heavy blaster cannon and a crew of 4 new Rebel troopers straight from the Star Wars movies. Build your forces!

  • Includes 4 Rebel trooper minifigures!
  • Rebel Scout Speeder is 6" (15cm) long!
  • Blaster cannon detaches from vehicle and rotates in all directions!


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