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7690 MB-01 Eagle Command Base is a Mars Mission set released in 2007. It includes a command base with a rocket ship and 8 minifigures.


This is the command base for the Humans. It is equipped with a high-tech pump system, which can move objects from one part of the base to another. It includes a shooting function connected to the pump system. It also includes a medical bay and a manual elevator. Further included is a Mars Shuttle that can hold 2 aliens. The set also features an alien ship. It includes 4 astronauts, and 4 Aliens. The pump system in the set is powered by air pressure. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Defend the Mars base from alien attack!

Aliens are attacking the MB-01 Eagle Command Base on Mars! Fight back with air-powered missiles, then turn the air pump to transfer captured aliens and energy crystals through the base's tubes. Launch the high-tech shuttle to battle the alien ship! Complete base set includes alien transport pods, alien attack ship, futuristic space shuttle and air pump system!

  • Includes 4 foam missiles that are safe for play!
  • Includes 4 astronaut minifigures and 4 glow-in-the-dark alien minifigures!
  • Space shuttle stands 15" (38cm) high!
  • Examine captured aliens on the command base!


  • In the online game CrystAlien Conflict, if the Base was destroyed if the player decided to play as the astronauts, he or she would lose the game.
  • This set included a variety of rare pieces, including the large pump and unusual window pieces.
  • Because of its larger size, the rocket had the rare ability to store more than one captured alien.
  • The Base was one of the Mars Mission sets to be featured in The LEGO Book.

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