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"This is the Big Bad of the Alien fleet. We still don't know what it came from or what it wants, except to take our crystals and drive us off the planet. Extremely powerful and extremely dangerous!"
―An unknown astronaut

ETX Alien Mothership Assault is a Mars Mission set released in 2007.


The ETX is the Aliens' main and most powerful ship. The mothership itself can separate and divide itself into four different crafts. It would fire a missile when you pulled the trigger located on the handle underneath the ship. The set also includes an Astronaut defense station with a drill and a pump system that can fire 4 soft foam 'missiles'. The set includes 2 Astronauts and 5 Aliens.

LEGO Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Beware the Alien Mothership! It's the ultimate 4-in-1 alien strike ship! With its advanced weaponry, firing missile and three detachable attack vehicles, the giant ETX Alien Mothership will stop at nothing to steal energy crystals from the Mars Mission team. Can the astronauts fight back with their defense station's launching air-powered missiles?

  • Includes separating Alien Mothership, defense station, air pump system and 4 foam missiles that are safe for play!
  • Includes 2 astronauts and 5 glow-in-the-dark alien minifigures!
  • Push down on the air pump system to fire the foam missiles!
  • Move the drill back and forth to find energy crystals!
  • Alien Mothership has a launcher that really fires! This is a description taken from The LEGO Book. Please do not modify it.

" The aliens' ultimate attack vehicle included five glowing alien warriors and could split apart into a command saucer, two scout ships, and a strike fighter. To combat it, the set came with a defence station with two astronauts and pump-blasted foam missiles."


  • The front of the Mothership was the Alien Assault Ship in LEGO Battles, while the main body was the Alien Transport Ship (minus the appendages at the sides.)
  • In CrystAlien Conflict, the front was the Dragon Cruiser, and the side appendages were Vipers.
  • In the LEGO Club Magazine, the mothership is described as having "Electrostatic Atmosphere Collector Vanes", "Plasmoid Beam Cannons" and "Arekkan Ray Cutters". It's armor is said to be made of an unknown composite.

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