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"These things are bad business. Radar barely picks them up, and the main weapon will knock out your vehicle's power systems if it hits you."
―Unknown astronaut

7693 ETX Alien Strike is a Mars Mission set released in 2007. It has 246 pieces.


The set comes with an ETX Alien Strike ship and an Astronaut mining vehicle equipped with a drill and alien transport sled. The Alien Strike ship is trying to steal crystals from the vehicle by flying in close while in stealth mode, and then opening up into attack mode and unleashing its full firepower.

Included are one Astronaut and two Aliens; one occupies the Alien Strike ship and the other occupies the Alien transport sled.


  • It's main weapon is described as a Zakk Cannon in the LEGO Club magazine.
  • It is described as having a "Bio-Organic Flight System" and a "Plasmic Conducer Fin" in the magazine. The armor is of an unknown composite. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Two modes of danger!
In its sneaky stealth mode, the ETX Alien Strike ship flies in to steal energy crystals from the Mars Mission mining vehicle, equipped with a drill and alien transport sled. Then it transforms to attack mode to unleash its full firepower! Includes alien strike ship and mining vehicle! Includes astronaut minifigure and 2 glow-in-the-dark alien minifigures! Open the Alien Strike ship to attack mode to see its shooters!

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