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"The Claw Tank is the toughest thing we've got to fight against the aliens. Once it grabs on to something with that big clamp arm, it never lets go."
―Unknown astronaut

7697 MT-51 Claw Tank Ambush is a Mars Mission set released in 2007. It contains an astronaut vehicle and an alien attack fighter. An astronaut and two aliens are the minifigures included.


The Claw-Tank

The Claw-Tank is armed with a clamp arm, a blaster arm, a rocket launcher on top of the cockpit and a firing "energy disk" launcher. The upper half of the claw tank swivels 360 degrees. The lower half has working suspension for the treads and two translucent orange pods; one for holding crystals and the other for holding an alien.

The Alien Fightercraft

The fightercraft is semicircular in shape, and has several laser-rockets attached to each side of the semicircle. Protruding from the middle of the ship is a small cockpit into which an Alien Drone can be fit. description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

The ultimate robotic tank!

With its disc shooter, storage tanks, and a powerful claw for capturing crystals and alien attackers, the hi-tech MT-51 Claw-Tank is ready to defend the Mars Mission team against the alien strike ship. Includes futuristic mining tank, alien strike ship, astronaut minifigure and 2 glow-in-the-dark alien minifigures! Features working treads, rolling wheels and poseable arms to vanquish any foe! Load and launch the disk shooter! MT-51 Claw-Tank turns 360 degrees to capture any alien!


  • The claw tank appeared in the online game CrystAlien Conflict.
  • Although the "disk launcher" on top of that Tank can hold up to ten shots, only six disks were included.
  • The Claw Tank is described in the LEGO Club Magazine as having several high-tech features:
    • MegaGripp IV Power Clamp
    • Galvanized Permasteel Armour
    • GroundCruncher Compound Treads
    • High-Tensile Armour Movement System (Hi-TAMS)
    • Mining-Grade Dual Electro Blaster

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