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7699 MT-101 Armoured Drilling Unit is a Mars Mission set released in October 2007.


The MT-101 Armoured Drilling Unit or ADU is a Mars Mission set containing a heavily armed and armoured Astronaut drilling vehicle and an Alien speeder. The MT-101 Armoured Drilling Unit is a mining vehicle unlike any other. It includes a capture pod where a sled capable of carrying an alien minifigure or three crystals is stowed. Another feature of the Armoured Drilling Unit is the dorsal sphere launcher near the drill. It "shoots" a blue sphere with the touch of a lever. The ADU contains 635 bricks, which is only 60 more than its sister set, the Crystal Reaper.

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The mightiest Mars Mission vehicle of all!
Rumbling across the rocky surface of Mars, it's the MT-101 Armored Drilling Unit! With 2 detachable flyers to scout and protect the main unit, this special-edition mining tank is really 3 vehicles in 1. Includes a drilling arm to dig for energy crystals, a sphere-launching blaster, alien capture tubes, and 6 big wheels with working independent suspension for rough terrain! Plus an alien attack ship out to steal the crystals!]

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"With independent suspension for its six wheels, a giant drill for mining crystals, a firing launcher and the ability to separate into the vehicles to fight an alien attack ship, the special-edition MT-101 was one of the most popular Mars Mission sets."

Minifigures included


  • It has appeared in the popular online game, CrystAlien Conflict.
  • The abbreviation "ADU" can also be used to refer to the Alien Defence Unit, a group of Earth-defending soldiers from the Alien Conquest theme.


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