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7704 Sonic Phantom is an Exo-Force set released in 2006. It includes one minifigure, a Devastator.


Like all 2006 Exo-Force sets, the battle machine is equipped with a light-up brick, although it does not have the fiber-optic cable.

The basic build of the ship is a long bar made up of TECHNIC pieces. At the front, two turbofans are mounted facing forwards. The fans are equipped with cannons.

The ship has a missile launcher in the center which can be fired by pulling the trigger, which is underneath the body. There are long TECHNIC pieces at the back and front which curve downwards. The parts at the front connect to the turbofans, and those at the rear serve to support the ship and provide a handle, by which the Sonic Phantom can be held. The handle is positioned in such a way that the trigger can be easily pulled.

At the back of the ship, there are two more turbofans, horizontally orientated this time. Their cannons can independently rotate from facing forwards to backwards. The arms which hold the turbofans can hinge up and down.

The pilot, a Green Devastator, sits at the back of the ship, next to the rear turbofans. Behind him, there is a long antenna, which can hinge up or down. At the back of the ship, there is a black engine, which can rotate 360 degrees.

Fore of the pilot, there is a transparent brick meant to be used as a control panel. In front of this, there is a "sonic screamer" piece which has also appeared in the set 7655 Clone Troopers Battle Pack. There are two more orientated at the frontmost turbofans. In front of that, there is the light-up brick and the missile cannon below it. When the trigger is pulled, the missile can fire and the power core lights up. Connected to the power core is a red lightsaber blade. At each side of the ship are two thick cables.


The Sonic Phantom was a very fast battle machine built by the robots. It was piloted by a green Devastator. Its weapons were a wide-angle laser cannon and rotating laser guns.


  • The set's alternative model is called the Speeder Phantom.
  • This set includes a light-brick, but like all light-bricks, you can't change the batteries. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Robot air raid!

Powered by four nuclear engines, the Sonic Phantom is perfect at making quick, dangerous air raids against the EXO-FORCE. Watch out for the laser canon, missile launcher and rotating laser guns!

  • Pull lever to launch missiles!
  • 5.5 inch (14cm) laser guns rotate!
  • Includes Devastator robot pilot minifigure!
  • Includes special light brick and energy tubing to make the Sonic Phantom "power up!"
  • Sonic Phantom measures over 10 inches (25.4cm) long!
  • Rebuild into the Speeder Phantom. See for building instructions and more building inspiration photos.

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