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because he's the best

Pepper Roni is the ultimate badass and a god damn savage, this delivery boi is a prophet of the church of pizaz who delivers pizzas and no matter how many times you admins remove this page we will strike back, He is a skateboard pro who can't read or spell very well, however he is surprisingly great at doing meth. Because of his poor literature ability, he was deported back to Mexico. Oh yeah the poor fucker's also adopted because Bologna Roni was shanked in a dark alleyway by the local chav, The Brickster, and his mom was the local lego prostitute. So Mama and Papa Dumbass decided to adopt him, cause they needed a cute delivery boy.

Lego Island Games

LEGO Island

1997 and 2001 is when the best games ever released came out, Lego Island and Lego Island 2. Portal what? Half-Life who? Basically Lego Island 1 is a fucking mess let me tell you, it starts with you filling out these shitty races, but you can only access the main story of the game as Pepper Roni, cause this is before the SJW age and nobody would get triggered over a female not being able to make it to the main story. Basically once you make it to the main story, you have to deliver a pizza to the Brickster, even tho the sign says no pizza you fucking retard. You give him the pizza, and the Bricksters melts the cell lock and hijacks the police helicopter. The police shortly arrive and instead of getting your ass arrested for freeing the only criminal in Lego Island, the police simply doesn't give a shit because this means they can finally get off their lazy ass and do their job. Which is not what they do, they send a illiterate child to stop the Brickster, which he somehow has enough brain cells to do.

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LEGO Island 2

In Lego Island 2 he's back, and he still can't fucking read even though it's been 4 god damn years between games, his adoptive parents once again gives Pepper the task of delivering a pizza to the jailed Brickster. However Pepper Roni is in his emo phase, and kills his adoptive parents as they confiscated his skateboard, then he went on a school shooting with the Brickster, but he didn't become an hero like Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris. He should've had a life sentence for wiping out his school, but since that he's the only one that can be bothered to save the island from the Brickster (basically rendering the police useless), Laura Brick just tells Pepper not to do it again.

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Island Xtreme Stunts


Pepper is now a teenager, and is an Avid User of Methamphetamine, as his adopted mother told him that being addicted is good for your eyes. Unlike the first two game's Pepper is now a silent hero due to his Vietnam flashback, but can say full exclamations when doing stunt work. And the Brickster is free again because the police in this island have a total of 1 whole brain cell. He tries to kill Pepper during filming and nobody seems to give a shit.

Pepper Roni still doesn't know that he is adopted, but then again he can't read.


  • Pepper's full name is a pun on the pizza topping pepperroni. (Really we couldn't figure that out by ourselves)
  • Pepper and the Brickster rank 5th in Encyclopedia Dramatica's FPS Co-op High Score.
  • Pepper, along with the Infomaniac, and Sky Lane are fucking dumb.
  • He may appear in the set How to kill yourself with drugs, as the minifigure in that set has the same head and the same pants color as the Holy Pepper, this is known as an impostor, or maybe Meth took a toll.
  • Pepper's eyes are blue in his first appearence, but in LEGO Island 2 they were changed to black. But they are still blue in the opening and ending movie. In Island Xtreme Stunts they remain black. A fact that nobody gives a fuck about.
  • Despite being the main character of the LEGO Island trilogy, there is little knowledge of any of Pepper's family, aside from their names because of the Brickster shanking them.
  • He was taught how to do meths
    File:Puper reno.png
    by Laura Brick, as he shot up his school.
  • Pepper is quite dumb, this can be proven not just by the fact that he can't read, but by the fact that he let the Brickster free TWICE under the same circumstances of giving him a pizza.


in ur ass

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