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7714 Golden Guardian is an Exo-Force set released in March 2007. It includes 267 pieces and a minifigure, Ha-Ya-To.


It has two homing missiles, top-mounted, a huge gold cannon (labeled with EXTREME DANGER) with a smaller cannon and firing missile. It can also perform jet assisted leaps, and fly for short distances. Its legs are extremely bulky with pipes connecting to the backs of them. The red parts at the back of the legs may be the booster rockets for flying.


Ha-Ya-To found the code in the dirt and it was but the first of many to be found. Later the Exo-force team found another Exo-code that unlocked thousands of Golden Guardians. The Golden Guardian was Ha-Ya-To's first Golden City battle machine. It was released as a special edition set. It has white, red and gold armour (hence the name Golden Guardian). Ha-Ya-To has exclusive golden armour in this set.

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