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7721 Combat Crawler X2 is an Exo-Force set released in September 2007. It includes 581 pieces and three minifigures: Ryo, a Red Devastator, and an Iron Drone.


The set includes 3 Battle Machines: A large, six-legged, spider-like vehicle piloted by an Iron Drone (the actual Combat Crawler X2), a smaller humanoid machine that can be attached to it and is piloted by a Devastator (namely an Iron Condor ᛁᛁ), and the Mini Rocket Speeder, a little Battle Machine piloted by Ryo.

The Combat Crawler X2 has a black-and-red color scheme and consists of a horizontal body with six large legs with claws at the end, the claws of the front leg pair being bigger than the other ones. On top of the construct rests a turret with a massive four-barreled gun. There is a prison cell in the back.

The Iron Condor ᛁᛁ is mostly yellow, with some red elements, and is equipped with two claw hands and in total 6 rockets, two on each shoulder and another two in the middle. However, despite it's name, it lacks the huge wings characteristic for the original Iron Condor.

The Mini Rocket Speeder consists mainly of a big rocket launcher with white-and-gold armor plating at its sides and three thin legs.

Promotional Text

Look out, Exo-Force—here comes the special-edition Combat Crawler X2! This massive mechanical menace packs twice the danger and twice the firepower, because it's two mighty battle machines in one! In combined mode, it scales the cliffs of Sentai Mountain or the walls of the Golden City with its clawed legs, prison capture cage and powerful firing cannon, but when the battle gets tough, its front end detaches to fight as a raging robot battle machine of its own! It's up to Ryo and his missile-launching strike flyer to stop them both if he can! Combat Crawler X2 has a prison transport and a missile that really fires! Detach the battle machine in front to send it to battle on its own! Includes Ryo minifigure with his strike flyer that really launches a missile! Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Built for all combat modes from range to close combat, the Combat Crawler X2 is equipped with the most powerful weapons available. With the ability to detach the front into a stand-alone Battle Machine, this machine provides a tough challenge to any foe.

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