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7724 City Advent Calendar is a City Seasonal set released on August 26, 2008 in time for Christmas. Included are 196 pieces to build many seasonal themed projects including a barbecue, table, freezer chest umbrella, Ice cream cart, radio, a tree, a ladder, pizza table, oven, underwater scooter, mug shot studio, snowmobile, snowman, ten various minifigures and many extra accessories.


Day 1: Minifigure and Drumstick
Day 2: Barbecue
Day 3: Table, Cup and Frying Pan
Day 4: Female with Ice Cream
Day 5: Freezer Chest and Umbrella
Day 6: Ice Cream Cart and Sundae
Day 7: Fireman and Radio
Day 8: Kitten in a Tree
Day 9: Ladder
Day 10: Chef and paddle
Day 11: Table and Pizzas
Day 12: Oven
Day 13: Diver and Spear Gun
Day 14: Life Vest, Fins and Buoy
Day 15: Underwater Scooter
Day 16: Police Officer and camera
Day 17: Mug Shot Studio
Day 18: Criminal with Handcuffs
Day 19: Train Worker
Day 20: Pallet Jack
Day 21: Pallet of Bottles
Day 22: Hiker
Day 23: Snowmobile
Day 24: Female and Snowman

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