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7736 Coast Guard Quad Bike is a City Coast Guard set released in 2008. It includes 33 pieces which build into an ATV and a Coast Guard minifigure.


The ATV is quite small, being built out of less than thirty pieces. The minifigure sits between two sloped orange bricks, which give the set most of its shape. There is a yellow light and a control bar on the front, and a white pole with a square blue flag at the back.

The minifigure has blue legs, arms, and helmet, with yellow hands and head. His body also has a base colour of yellow, but this is meant to be his buoyancy aid vest. His helmet has a trans-Brown (smoke) visor.

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Speed to the rescue!
The Coast Guard is ready to save the day! Hop on the quad bike and race along the beach to help swimmers in trouble.

  • Includes Coast Guard minifigure!

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