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7738 Coast Guard Helicopter & Life Raft is a Coast Guard set released in 2008. It comes with the Coast Guard helicopter, with a self-winding winch using a Power Function, a life raft which can be lifted with the lift, a shark, and 4 Minifigures.


  • This set was included in the Product Collections set 66290 City Coast Guard Value Pack.
  • The helicopter is featured in LEGO Batman: The Video Game as a playable vehicle. And also a police variant of the helicopter in this set are featured in the game as a non-playable vehicle and level boss in the villains mission.
  • This helicopter resembles, along with 60013 and 60166, the MH-53J Pave Low in real life. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

It’s a rescue at sea!

Boaters are lost at sea! Send out the Coast Guard helicopter! When you spot them, lower the self-winding winch, hoist the emergency life raft, and carry it back to shore. Better hurry – that shark looks hungry!

  • Includes helicopter, life raft, four minifigures and shark!
  • Sides on lift raft open and close!
  • Helicopter's propeller and rotor really spin!
  • Open the sides of the helicopter to access the stretcher and equipment!
  • Lower the winch, hook on to the life raft, and press the button to raise it up!
  • Helicopter is on wheels!
  • Measures 13" (33cm) long!


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