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7739 Coast Guard Patrol Boat & Tower is a Coast Guard set released in 2008. It contains the Coast Guard patrol boat which floats, a crane, a command centre whose roof can be lifted, a raft, two red buoys, the Coast Guard tower with a dock, a satellite dish on top, a control station, first aid, and a place to store equipment, the last three are inside the tower, and four Minifigures. Many of the parts had the set number, 7739, on them.

LEGO.com Description

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Splash to the rescue with the Coast Guard Patrol Boat!

The tower has spotted an emergency - someone is in trouble at sea! Send out the Coast Guard patrol boat and use the crane to lift him out of the water.

  • Includes patrol boat and command tower with dock!
  • Includes four minifigures, shark, surfboard, buoy and lots of accessories!
  • Patrol Boat really floats!
  • Crane turns 360 degrees and moves up and down!
  • Use the crane to lower the raft into the water!
  • Lift the roof on the boat to access the controls!
  • Lower the anchor into the water!
  • Tower has a control station, first aid and a place to store equipment!
  • Boat measures 17" (43cm) long and 4½" (11cm) wide!
  • Tower stands 12" (30cm) high and attached dock is 10" (25cm) long!


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