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7779 The Batman Dragster: Catwoman Pursuit is a LEGO Batman set released in 2006, intended for ages 6-12. It includes Batman in his black Batman-Dragster and Catwoman on a purple Motorcycle.


Batman's dragster is made up of mostly Black parts and uses most of the set's 92 pieces. It has two wheels, two flick-fire missiles, a bat-wing fin at the end of the dragster, and a laser cannon at the end of a long Black piece. It also uses yellow Bat-Logos and gold-coloured vent pieces to add some colour.

Catwoman's motorcycle is much more simple than Batman's dragster and only uses a small portion of the included elements. It is a purple Motorcycle with a black chasis and Teeth where the head lights would normally be as cat ears. There is an orange flame at the end of the motorcycle to give the appearance that it is speeding. The motorcycle uses a cat face sticker to give more character.

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Batman's dragster rockets through the streets of Gotham City in hot pursuit of Catwoman on her speedy motorbike. With his flick-fire missiles and a spinning laser cannon, nothing escapes the Dark Knight's high-speed justice!

  • Includes grey-suited Batman and Catwoman minifigures!
  • Batman's dragster features flick-fire missile!
  • Also includes Batman and Catwoman vehicles!

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