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7789 Lotso's Dump Truck is an Toy Story set released on May 1, 2010. It contains a dump truck and a Lotso, Stretch, Dump Truck Driver, and a Chunk minifigure.


The set reenacts a scene from Toy Story 3.

The Dump Truck

The set is mostly Lotso's truck. In the front are two head-lights that resemble those of the 8958 Granite Grinder. It also features a cockpit for which only Dump Truck Driver, the only minifigure included to fit in the cockpit, to drive it. It can only be accessed if the dumper is lifted up. There is a knob in the back that allows the dumper to dump the red, green, and blue bricks. The dumper is also used for Lotso to sit in. On the side is a platform for Chunk to stand on. The bottom has four yellow tyres that resemble a smaller version of the combination of Part 41896, or Wheel RC Race Buggy, and Part 41897, or Tyre RC Race Buggy 56 x 28 ZR Street, from the Batman set 7784 The Batmobile Ultimate Collectors' Edition.


This set contains 4 minifigures: Lotso, Chunk, Stretch, and Dump Truck Driver. Lotso carries a black pole as a walking stick. He is also printed in his normal version. Stretch is made from a new octopi bottom piece and a printed Part 30151, or Cylinder 2 x 2 x 1 & 2/3 with Dome Top, in purple. Chunk is made of a new one piece where his face is rotatable to go from glad to angry. Finally, Dump Truck Driver is the only regular-built minifigure of the set. He wears a yellow construction hat, has a black-to-dark blue dome, and drives the dump truck. The only thing that is different about him to others is the fact that he does not have arms or legs.

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Lotso and pals are on patrol!

It’s a whole different world for our heroes when they find themselves at a new home in the day care center. Fortunately, Lotso and his gang are here to give them a big welcome in their big-time dump truck!

  • Includes Lotso, Chunk, Stretch and dump truck driver minifigures
  • Tip the dump truck just like a real one!
  • Dump truck measures 5.5 (14 cm) long and 3.5 (9 cm) tall!


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