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7840 Airport Action is a DUPLO Airport set released in 2005. The set included a Airplane and an air port along with five DUPLO Figures.


This set includes a plane, a forklift, a small truck, an airplane control tower, and an engine service station. Also included are five DUPLO Figures and other DUPLO bricks such as cones, parcels and crates, a suitcase/briefcase, and a phone.

This white and blue DUPLO airplane included in the set has two doors, one for passengers and the other to access a cargo hold.

There are two vehicles included in the set, one a forklift, and the other a truck. Both of the vehicles have lights on them and can carry things.

There are two buildings included, one a control tower, and the other a engine service station.

DUPLO Figures
Five DUPLO Figures are included in this set; a pilot, a passenger, two plane workers, and an airplane control man.


  • The plane can be attached to the forklift.

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