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7882 Shark Attack is a DUPLO Pirates set that was released in 2006. It contained a pirate figure on a raft and a large shark.


The Raft

The raft is large and square, made up of three sand yellow 2x8 plates places next to each other and two brown ones underneath, lining the edges and connecting the three on top. A brown 2x2 brick with a grey chain sprouting from the side is located in one corner. the chain travels over the side of the raft and is connected to a large black anchor. Across from the 2x4 brick, in another corner of the raft, is a brown flagpole with a black flag at the top. The flag has printing of a skull and bones and has a long horizontal split at its tip. Also included on the raft is a piece representing five bananas.

The Shark

The shark included is large and mainly sand blue with a white underside. It has four gills on each side and large eyes that are white with light blue irises and dilated black pupils with light reflections in them. Two slight indentations at its snout depict nostrils. The shark's mouth is red inside and lined with white teeth. The lower jaw can open and close. Similarly, the shark's fins on either side can move up and down. Four studs are located behind its dorsal fin.

The Pirate

The pirate has a dark flesh head, torso and arms. His head has printing of brown eyebrows and eyes with reflections in the pupils. The nose is part of the mould and protrudes in front of the face slightly. Printing of stubble is located around the mouth, which is twisted in a grimace. The pirate wheres a light blue cap. His torso has printing of a tattered shirt striped red and white. His legs are dark grey. The pirate wields a silver cutlass. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

Watch out for the hungry shark!

When he set sail with his trusty raft, pirate flag and cutlass, this pirate never expected to come face to face with a giant toothy shark! Can he escape to adventure another day?

  • Shark’s mouth can open and close to swallow pirate figures whole!


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