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7893 Passenger Plane is a City Airport set released in 2006. This Airbus A340-600 aircraft is the largest aircraft that Lego has produced.


The Passenger Plane fuselage is 8 studs wide and 76 studs long. The width of the plane with the ends of the wings folded down is 74 studs. Minifigures included are one Pilot, one Baggage/Runway Crewman, and two Passengers The wings, tail, and nose cone of the plane are single pieces. Inside the plane there are two seats in the cockpit, eleven passenger seats and a galley with a sink. Outside on the runway there is a rolling staircase. There are also four detailed engines and rotating seats in first class. It resembles an Airbus A340, or a Douglas DC-8 super 70, or an Ilyushin IL-96, all three of which are long, intercontinental airliners with large capacity and four podded jet engines.


  • This set was included in the Product Collections sets K7891 City Airport Collection and K7894 City Airport Collection.
  • Of the four minifigures in this set, the passenger wearing the red jacket with the space logo pictured below, is unique to this set.
  • The prototype of the set would have been shorter, as well as lacking the two doors that would link to the interior and is much simpler than the final set. The prototype also seems to lack the jet engines under the wings, and the engines would have been placed behind the wings on a holder and the wings also lacked detail. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Prepare for takeoff!

There's lots of excitement as everyone boards the plane! The pilot is already in his seat, making last-minute checks and waiting for direction down the runway. The passengers are ready to stow their bags and take their seats! Includes rolling staircase for boarding the plane! Includes 1 pilot, 1 worker and 2 passenger minifigures! Open the doors and remove the top of the plane to see what's going on inside!

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