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79005 Wizard Battle is a set in The Lord of the Rings theme that was released in June 2013. It includes part of the interior of the Tower of Orthanc and two minifigures: Gandalf and Saruman.


The main structure of the set is Saruman's throne. This is mainly made out of black bricks with dark stone grey baseplates. At the foremost part of the structure a circular platform with a 4x4 turntable in its centre with a stall table on top. On this is a transparent-orange minifigure head printed with the eye of Sauron. This is covered with an orb. Together these pieces depict the Palantír. The turntable can rotate by means of a beam that is placed underneath the platform. In the centre of the structure is a 4x6 section in front of Saruman's throne with two black steps to each side. Behind each of the stairs is an ornate black tower with a transparent yellow orb on the top of each one.

Saruman's throne is placed in between the two tower structures. Made out of many sloped black bricks, it rises up above the towers at a height of almost ten building bricks. At its top is are some black cones and an 'anvil' with a third cone at its pinnacle. A black plate is positioned on Saruman's throne where the wizard sits. Behind this is a pole which is used to propel whoever who is sitting on the throne forwards.

The set includes two minifigures: Saruman with a white cloak and a 3-piece staff, and Gandalf the Grey with hair wielding a brown staff. This variant of Gandalf has no hat or cape.


Upon riding to Orthanc for help, Gandalf discovered Saruman wished to join Sauron. Saruman tried to convince Gandalf to join him in his cause, and explained that they could eventually control the Dark Lord for their own benefit. Saruman also proposed they find the Ring to challenge Sauron.

When Gandalf refused to help Saruman look for the Ring, even though the Ringwraiths were after Frodo Baggins, Saruman sealed his fellow wizard in Orthanc. A battle then ensued, with Saruman the winner, and Gandalf was held prisoner at the top of Orthanc. After that, he was saved by Gwaihir, the Lord of the Eagles.


  • The Palantír included in this set is different than the one in 10237 The Tower of Orthanc (and it is also exclusive to this set). Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Defeat Saruman in The Wizard Battle at The Tower of Orthanc!

Recreate The Wizard Battle at The Tower of Orthanc, as Gandalf the Grey takes on his mentor and old friend, Saruman, who has fallen under the influence of Sauron while gazing into his palantir. Saruman will stop at nothing to deliver the One Ring to his new master and serve him by helping to conquer Middle-earth. Avoid the spinning palantir’s spell, cast powerful staff magic and send Saruman flying from his throne! Stay away from Sauron’s mesmerizing gaze or risk being enslaved yourself! Includes 2 minifigures with staffs: Gandalf the Grey and Saruman.

  • Includes 2 minifigures: GandalfTM the Grey and Saruman
  • Features throne with flick function, spinning palantir with Eye of Sauron and cool yellow lamps
  • Weapons include 2 staffs
  • Push the throne flicker and send Saruman flying!
  • Battle Saruman and stay away from his spinning palantir
  • Avoid being mesmerized by the Eye of Sauron
  • Measures over 7" (18cm) high, 4" (11cm) wide and 4" (12cm) deep

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