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7906 Fireboat is a City Firefighters set released in 2007. It includes a working motor, thus meaning it can float. The set has 187 pieces including 3 Firefighter minifigures. The boat measures 16" long (41 cm). This set has the same hull as 7899 Police Boat.


  • The cockpit can detach from the bottom, revealing the control center below.
  • A crane is stuck on the back-end, lifting the dinghy into or out of the water.
  • A fireman-operating 'hose' is on the front of the ship, along with two others stuck both sides.
  • A similar set was 7207 Fire Boat. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Race across the waves to the rescue!

With its real working motor, the LEGO City Fireboat races to the rescue! This big fire-fighting boat really floats and moves on water and features lots of authentic details like a water cannon, emergency lights and pilot controls to help you put out the 'œblaze'. Includes 3 fully-equipped firefighter minifigures! Boat measures 16" (41 cm) long! Use the winch to lower the emergency rescue raft into the water! Includes real working motor! Motor requires 1 AA (1.5v) battery, not included.


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