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7907 City Advent Calendar is a City Seasonal set released on October 24, 2007. Included are 232 pieces and 8 minifigures.


Day 1: Firefighter with axe
Day 2: Fire kit
Day 3: Brown box with flames
Day 4: Construction worker
Day 5: Road closed sign post
Day 6: Orange light sign post
Day 7: Airport worker with radio
Day 8: Trolley with suitcase
Day 9: TV aerial
Day 10: Harbor worker
Day 11: Life boat rubber ring
Day 12: Crate with barrels
Day 13: Octan worker
Day 14: Car wash kiosk
Day 15: Till
Day 16: Train worker
Day 17: Seat with clock
Day 18: Train light
Day 19: Sanitary Engineer
Day 20: Trash can, tool rack, and Trash
Day 21: Trash bin
Day 22: Police officer with megaphone
Day 23: Computer with desk
Day 24: Christmas tree Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Have a LEGO City Christmas!
It's 24 days of LEGO building fun with the LEGO City Advent Calendar! Includes 24 city-themed surprises for the season, including LEGO minifigures, accessories and more! Each day open a new window in the specially designed Advent Calendar box to reveal a new set - 24 in all! Models include LEGO City equipment and minifigures, plus a tree, fireplace and more!

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