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79103 Turtle Lair Attack is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set released in 2013.


The lair consists of 2 main parts. The left attachment has a training dummy that can be turned by a dial (the dummy and dial is detachable). It has show accurate details like splinter's tree and dripping sewage effects. This section also has an escape hatch mounted on the wall and a weapons barrack. On it's other attachment to the right (via a clip and bar) has the main section. On the lower level it has a detachable shelf with ooze and a working cabinet. There are decals on the walls with caution signs and closing pipes and planks of wood (with an exception of Donatello's working board that explodes (via dynamite mechanism.) Along the way up are rusted brick built pipes and a rotating staircase. On the second floor their are detachable moving cranes with tools and a rotating rack to store Leonardo's and Raphael's skate boards. Their is also a pizza oven that launches the pizza with a pushing mechanism, following up is a ladder, more pipes and a opening manhole cover with a hidden crank feature. The top has a wall with graffiti saying "MUTANTS RULE!" with green and black paint. The wall has a rotating bar mechanism to attack other minifigures. the other details are a fire hydrant and a lamp post. The accessories consists of a TV with color coated seats (for each individual turtle) a catapult, a skateboard ramp with bar and an orange brick separator.

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