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7936 Level Crossing is a City Trains set released in June 2010. This set is sold in the United States as a Special Edition set only at LEGO and Toys "R" Us Stores.


Included track elements are four pieces of Straight Rails. It comes with one railway worker minifigure. One of the two main features in this set is the actual level crossing which consists of a green baseplate with four pieces of Straight Rails and two opening and closing gates, along with the lighting signs/signals that indicate that it is safe for a vehicle to pass over. In order to achieve the ability to let vehicles cross the track, part of the track has ramps leading up and over the crossing, and between the ramps lies some "road" made up of light blueish grey tiles.

The other main feature of this set is the railway repair/construction vehicle. It is able to lift track in or out of the surface by its attachable crane boom and grip hook. The base of the crane is 360 degrees rotatable. The cab of the vehicle seats one railway worker and has a blue steering wheel inside for control. The vehicle has both normal and miniature train wheels to allow it to travel on both rail and road.


  • The vehicle has two sets of wheels.
  • There are two striped gates.
  • There are two lights. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Raise and lower the crossing gates and repair the tracks!

Lower the crossing gates when a train comes by and then raise them again to let traffic pass over the level crossing. And use the road-rail excavator to repair the tracks or work on the road. Drive on its regular tires to the level crossing and then lower its special rail wheels for running on the tracks. Includes 1 railroad worker minifigure.

  • Includes 1 railroad worker minifigure
  • Features 1 level crossing with crossing gates and 4 straight tracks
  • Raise the crossing gates!
  • Lower the special railroad wheels on the excavator to drive on the tracks!
  • Excavator rotates 360° and has a hook and shovel attachments
  • Tracks are not compatible with LEGO 9V trains.

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