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7946 King's Castle is a Kingdoms set released in 2010. It consists of a rectangular wall with towers in each corner and a gatehouse at the front with a drawbridge and a portcullis. One of the rear towers has two stories and a red square hip roof. The castle is equipped with three catapults.



The main part of the set is the Castle. This is made up of many parts including a gatehouse, a few towers, walls, a prison, a throne room, and a treasury. The whole set is decorated by many flags and lion shields and has many doors and windows.


The gatehouse has a drawbridge at the front and a portcullis. Above this is a second story and then a third story fully enclosed by battlements. The drawbridge can be lifted up by a leaver at the back, and the portcullis can be dropped by taking out a pin at the back.


The castle has four tower, one at each side. The two front ones are two stories high, the second story being enclosed on two sides by battlements.
The back towers are much larger, being three stories. One of them has the King's throne room and a red roof while the other has a treasury in the second story and a catapult at the top.


Two normal walls are included in the castle build. They are both two stories high and have battlements of the outside of the second story.


The prison also acts as the back wall. One of the prison's functions is the break-through wall at the back.

Minifigures and Accessories

The set includes eight minifigures : The King, two Glaive Lion Knight, two Crossbow Lion Knight, a Spear Dragon Knight, a Crossbow Dragon Knight, and an Elite Dragon Knight. The set also includes many weapons, some of them being two glaives, two crossbows, three quivers, three swords, and at least eight shields, only one of them being a Dragon Knight one.


  • The Castle bears a superficial resemblance to 6080 King's Castle from 1984.
  • The horse is equipped with equestrian armor.
  • Kingdoms released a unique design of tilted walls slightly going inward on the front towers, also found in Outpost Attack from 2010. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Prepare to defend the castle...catapults are armed, drawbridge is drawn, the knights are ready!

Once upon a time, the King ruled the land and all was good – until the day the Dragon Knight army attacked. Now the valiant King and his soldiers prepare to defend the castle. The Castle is armed and ready for battle with wind-up front gate, tipping drawbridge and secret prison. Includes 8 minifigures: King and 4 soldiers, 1 Dragon Knight and 2 Dragon Knight soldiers.

  • Includes 8 minifigures: King and 4 soldiers, 1 Dragon Knight and 2 Dragon Knight soldiers
  • Features 3 catapults, King’s throne, treasure chest and white horse
  • Wind-up the castle gate to keep the Dragon knights out!
  • Castle measures 11" (27cm) high

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