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7947 Prison Tower Rescue is a Kingdoms set released in 2010. It includes 365 pieces to assemble a Dragon Knight prison tower and five minifigures.



The main part of the set is the prison. This is made up of a gatehouse, a prison cell, and numerous defensive places. The prison has a green, yellow, and brown colour scheme.
To the right of the building is a stairway leading to the second story. This can be closed up by a ladder also leading to the second story which has a treasure chest on it. Above this on the third is a catapult and a winch to open and close the portcullis.
The first two stories of the main tower are taken up by the port portcullis, and then above this is the third story. From the third story you can climb a ladder to the prison high on the tower. On the outside of the prison are some battlements that had no way leading to it. Above the prison is a small defensive place with a cauldron of fire and two flags on a glaive.
The tower is quite decorated including two small dragon models above the outside of the portcullis, several dragon shields at different places, and two torches, one on either side of the portcullis.


The set includes five minifigures: a Royal Lion Knight on a horse, a Spear Lion Knight, a Sword Knight, a Crossbow Dragon Knight, and the Princess. Several weapons are included, some of them being a light and a dark sword, a crossbow, a large lion shield, a spear, and four small dragon shields.


  • In some official images, the Sword Knight is seen wielding a spear, while the Crossbow Dragon Knight is shown wielding a sword. This article refers to the minifigures by their respective weapons in the building instructions.

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