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7977 Seabed Strider is an Atlantis set that was released in December 2010 in the United States, but January 2011 elsewhere. The set includes 105 pieces, costs US $9.99, AUD $17.99, and €10.99, and is intended for children from the age of seven through fourteen.


Seabed Strider:

The Seabed Strider included in the set is able to "walk" through the city of Atlantis. Twin marine propellers make the dive a lot easier given that the legs are moved backwards. Two small wings or fins can help the walker move with ease. The machine has two arms for grabbing spacial artifacts that the Atlantis salvage crew may find. Twin harpoons keep the diver Axel Storm from harm, as he pilots his sub throughout Atlantis. The vehicle may be either a walker or a small sub based on how the legs are positioned. If you move the legs down you can create a walker, and if you turn them upward you can make the vehicle into a sub.

Treasure: Included in the set are three treasure pieces (four if counting the shield and pillar as separated); a light blue and orange crystal. The set also includes a three brick tall pillar position on top of the pillar is a small shield.


The Seabed Striker was used by Professor Sam Rhodes in The Secret Journal of Dr. Artimus Rhodes. She borrowed it from Axel Storm, who according to the Journal had a bad cold so could not come. Later, when Lance Spears was captured, Samantha built a new submarine to explore Atlantis, with parts from the Ocean Speeder and the Seabed Striker which were broken up by Dark Guardians.


Seabed Strider

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Defeat the evil Hammerhead Guardian to claim the treasure!

Walking through the ruins of the lost city of Atlantis on his powerful Seabed Strider, valiant diver Axel Storm discovers the precious golden shield. He transforms his craft into a sleek submarine to return the treasure to the surface, but can he first defeat the trident-carrying Hammerhead Guardian?

  • Includes 2 minifigures: Hammerhead Guardian and diver with swim fins, scuba helmet and tank
  • 2 in 1 build: Seabed Strider transforms into sleek submarine!
  • Sieze the treasure with the Seabed Strider’s grabbers!
  • Features sea snake, harpoon, trident, treasure and rare gold elements
  • Spin the turbines!
  • Grab treasure with Seabed Strider claws!
  • Seabed Strider measures 3” (7cm) tall

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