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7978 Angler Attack is an Atlantis set released in January, 2011. The set includes 201 pieces, costs $19.99 and €21.99, and it is intended for children ages seven through fourteen.



The angler fish's back "fins" are made from slopes. The sides of its body are using SNOT with "fins" on both of them. The lower "jaw" is built from shaft holders with teeth slid in. The top "jaw" features a near-identical design to the lower jaw. The "eyes" are built from transparent domes and are tilted away from the centre.


The column has a 6 x 6 tile for its base and has a golden treasure chest that can be opened and closed to fit inside a helmet and jewels on top.

Ocean speeder:

The ocean speeder is made from slopes facing normal for its hood and slopes using SNOT for its "fins". On the back is a handlebar, at the front is a jet, and at one of its sides is an "arm".



  • Spearguns


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Outsmart the Angler Fish and evil guardian to reach the treasure!

Expert diver Dr. Fisher catches sight of an ancient helmet lying among the ruins of LEGO® Atlantis. Just then, the evil Barracuda and giant Angler Fish, with it’s razor-sharp teeth, swim out from the murky depths. Can Dr. Fisher outsmart the deadly creatures to claim the golden helmet and take a photo of the rare fish?

  • Includes 2 minifigures: diver with camera and Barracuda guardian with trident
  • Minifigure accessories include diver’s helmet, tank and swim fins
  • Deep Sea Jet features harpoon, grabbing claws
  • Angler Fish measures 7” (17cm) wide, 5” (12cm) long
  • Angler Fish features moving fins and tail!
  • Includes treasure chest with jewels, golden helmet and special gold elements
  • Snap the jaws of the Angler Fish!

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