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7992 Container Stacker is a City Cargo set released in 2007. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item’s product page)

Ready for heavy lifting!

When it's time to unload cargo or clean up the docks in LEGO City, the Container Stacker is ready to do the heavy lifting!

  • Raise and extend the boom, then lift the containers to put them in their place!
  • Boom extends 8" (21 cm) long and lifts 7" (18 cm) high!
  • Includes 2 containers, pallet, cargo and worker minifigure!


It comes with the container stacker, two containers, a pallet, cargo, and one worker minifigure. At the end of the container stacker is a crane piece, which can hook on to the loops at the top of the containers. It contains 218 pieces in total.


  • The small cargo pieces are comprised of two Octan oil drums and four red gas cylinders. The containers are similar to the ones included in 7994 LEGO City Harbor.

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