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8001 TECHNIC Battle Droid is a TECHNIC model of a Battle Droid from the Star Wars universe that was released in 2000. The legs and head can be folded up, and when a button is pressed the droid stands up and the head is unfolded, powered by rubber bands. The right arm can be controlled from the back of the model, and due to a magnet in the hand, the arm can be made to pick up a blaster held in the droid's backpack. Due to the mechanism that unfolds the droid, its legs are not poseable and its arms have limited positioning, unlike the Super Battle Droid, which is very poseable but lacks any unfolding mechanism in return.

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Battle droids know no fear!
These foot soldiers of the Trade Federation Army fold up for transport...unfold for battle! Ages 9+. 328 pieces.



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