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The set Mini TIE Fighter is a mini set released in 2008. It is larger than the original 3219 TIE-Fighter, at a full 44 pieces.


The fighter is made of three sections: Two large, almost square vertical wings of the same build, and a square interior section, to which the wings are attached. The wings are almost entirely black, with some blue grilles on their outside, and a blue plate on their interior, connecting them to the center section. The cube-like interior section has studs on all its sides except the bottom, and has a transparent clear dish piece attached to its front plus an gray one on the back.


TIE Fighters were starfighters used by the Galactic Empire. They were the basic fleet of the Imperial army and were designed to attack in large numbers. It was the original design of the TIE series, which was later upgraded into TIE Interceptors and TIE Bombers. They were armed with 2 SFS L-s1 laser cannons.


  • It was given away with the Daily Mirror on Tuesday 8 September 2009.
  • It could be bought in Tesco in 2009 for £2.99 in the UK.
  • It could be purchase at Target stores as an Easter promotional in March 2011.
  • It was re-released as part of The Sun / News of the World Promotion on May 27 2012 in the UK.
  • Some Wal*Mart stores in the US still carry it and it is normally sold for $3.97
  • In 2012 The TIE fighter was again used in two promotions on the website. First in March along with free delivery on Star Wars LEGO with orders of £75 or more and offered again on May 4 and May 5 for spending £50 on Star Wars LEGO along with 5001162 LEGO Exclusive R2-D2 Poster, 6005192 TC-14 and free delivery.
  • It was also re-released in Target stores in late 2012 (Dec.)
  • It was also given in the essential minifigures book collection.
  • It was also given in the week of the opening of the LEGO Store in Lille, France.

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TIE fighters continue to battle!

Blasting from the Original Trilogy is the TIE fighter! Though it lacked firepower, it made up for that in agility. Massive numbers of this dreadful starfighter can overwhelm almost any opponent! Now you can add the Mini TIE fighter to your collection!

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