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The set Mini V-19 Torrent is a Star Wars set released in 2008 as a polybagged set and later in September 2009 as a promotional item as part of the The Clone Wars line.


The set is mainly built up of white and dark red pieces. The bottom of the ship is a white upside-down slope piece leading up to two "headlight" pieces on facing the opposite way of each other, with a light stone grey stud on the front and a transparent blue stud on the back. A tall white piece is in the front of the bottom of the ship, while an upside-down dark red slope brick is in the back, leading upward to the hull of the ship. The hull of the ship is a flat white baseplate, with a transparent slope brick in the middle, representing the cockpit, and surrounded by dark red tiles. The front of the cockpit is a white clip with two 1x1 slope bricks connected to it on both sides. On the left and right of the ship are two white wings with a dark red tile on them. At the end of the wings are the guns, represented by antennas. The left side of the ship has the Republic insignia printed on a circular tile. In the back of the ship are the two engines, two cone pieces with transparent blue pieces at the end.


The V-19 Torrent, or the V-19 Torrent starfighter was an assault fighter with extreme speed and maneuverability skills used by the Republic in the Clone Wars. They were equipped with two blaster cannons and two concussion missile launchers.


  • This was given away with the Daily Mirror on Thursday, September 10th, 2009 in the UK.
  • Note it is possible to assemble the tail pivot mechanism incorrectly so that the tail flops down. To correct this merely swap one of the white spindles with one of the blue ones, they are slightly different diameters so a wider one on each pivot holds it firmly. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Defend the Republic with the Mini V-19 Torrent!

Battle the Separatist armies in space with the Mini V-19 Torrent starfighter, blasting straight out of Star Wars: the Clone Wars ! The wings and landing gear can fold up and down to prepare for flight or landing. Measures 3" (over 7 cm) high and has a wingspan of 6" (15 cm)!


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