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8039 Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser is one of the Star Wars sets which were released in August 2009 as part of the third wave of The Clone Wars line. The minifigures included in the set are Chancellor Palpatine, two Senate Commandos with rifles, one Clone Pilot and a Clone Gunner. The set contains 1170 pieces.


The model of the Attack Cruiser is not to scale with the Minifigures, a fashion mirrored in the earlier 6211 Imperial Star Destroyer.

The cruiser features four rotatable turrets on each side, with two heavier turrets mounted at the bottom which are able to move up and down. The bridge area has a small cockpit with a computer which is able to be taken out and have a Minifigure placed inside. The front part of the ship opens out to reveal an office for Chancellor Palpatine complete with desk and chair, and behind the office is a crate for storing a hologram of the Death Star. The back section serves as an area for a large sliding turret (complete with two flick-fire missiles) which is able to be positioned on either side of the cruiser and operated by a gunner. At the rear of the ship is four main engines, supplemented by two secondary engines, and two smaller ones. In the back of the ship there is an escape pod which can hold a Minifigure.


Venator-class Star Destroyers were one of the primary cruisers used by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. Like most cruisers, they were equipped with shields and hyperdrives. Venator-class ships were armed with at least 8 heavy dual turbolaser turrets, 2 dual medium turbolaser cannons, 52 defensive laser cannons and 4 proton torpedo tubes. They also had 8 tractor beam projectors. Throughout the war, Venators were known to have played a large variety of roles, including that of command ships, destroyers, transports and carriers.

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Rule the galaxy with the ultimate Republic starship!
Built for ship-to-ship combat and bristling with turbolaser batteries, the Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser is Grand Chancellor Palpatine’s personal flagship during the Clone Wars. Open the front panel to access the Chancellor’s quarters, reveal the hidden wing-cannons, and drop bombs on the Separatist forces below! Includes Chancellor Palpatine, 2 elite Senate commando bodyguards, 1 clone trooper pilot and 1 clone trooper gunner.

  • Includes 5 minifigures: Chancellor Palpatine, 2 elite Senate commando bodyguards, 1 clone trooper pilot and 1 clone trooper gunner!
  • Open the front hood to play inside Palpatine's detailed command center!
  • Lift rear wings to reveal hidden gunner and storage area for extra bombs and missiles!
  • Cruiser measures over 20 inches (50.8cm) long, 12 inches (30.5cm) wide, and 7 inches (17.8cm)!

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