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8046 Helicopter is a TECHNIC set which was released in January 2010. The set contains 152 pieces and instructions for a helicopter and a seaplane.


The set includes 152 pieces, mainly in Red, Black and White, which are used to build the set's main model, a red and white helicopter, as well as a secondary model, a seaplane.

The Helicopter

The main model of the set, the helicopter has a gear system used to spin the rotors and a working winch. The rotor gear system is unusual because it uses one gear system to turn both rotors, a function it shares with only one other set, 8068 Rescue Helicopter.

The Seaplane

The seaplane is the secondary model of the set, and also has a gear system, which in this case, turns the propeller. The seaplane uses the pieces used as the helicopter's rotor blades as floats. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

The sky’s the limit with this LEGO® TECHNIC helicopter!

Turn the gear wheel on this realistic helicopter model to make the main and tail rotors spin together, while another gear operates the working winch to lift heavy loads. You can even rebuild it into a seaplane for even more functional LEGO® TECHNIC fun!

  • Gears really turn to spin the roters!
  • Rebuild your model into a LEGO TECHNIC seaplane!



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