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8056 Monster Crab Clash is a 68 piece Atlantis set released in November 2009. It Includes is Axel Storm.


The crab has six legs and two pincers. Axel Storm is equipped with a harpoon gun. This set also includes the orange Atlantis key.


The crab is one of the guardians of Atlantis and attacks with its claws or by running into enemies. It can also walk sideways, dig into the seafloor and swim. Its weakness is that it is unable to get free when trapped in a giant crab cage. It guards the Atlantis Crab Key.[2]



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Beware the monster crab’s claws!
On a dangerous deep-sea mission to recover the orange Atlantis treasure key from the murky depths of the ocean, the heroic diver comes face-to-face with the treasure’s mighty guardian: a giant crab with powerful crushing claws!

  • Set includes 1 heroic diver minifigure!
  • Collectable orange Atlantis treasure key included; collect them all!
  • Features monster crab with snapping claws and moveable legs!

Minifigures Included



  1. This set has been found randomly at Toys-R-Us stores around the as part of an early promotion by LEGO beginning in November 2009.
  2. Mentioned in the "guardians" section on the LEGO Atlantis website

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