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8060 Typhoon Turbo Sub is an Atlantis set released in November 2009.[1] Included are one Diver and a Shark Warrior Minifigures, along with one Turtle key.


The entire set.

The submarine consists of a main hull with two drive pods attached to its port and starboard side. Each pod contains a large propeller and an additional piece of equipment facing to the rear (a spring-loaded gun with rubber-tipped projectile on starboard, and a gripper on a boom at the port side). The pods can be fully rotated along the ship's pitch axis. On each pylon that connects a pod to the main hull is a flick-fire missile.

The main hull has four head lights at the front and two horizontal rudders behind them. At the top, protected by a neon-green canopy, is the cockpit, which contains just a small control panel. Behind the cockpit is a small antenna tower with navigation lights. At the bottom of the vessel is a sliding mechanism that is used to turn the large propellers on the pods. Under the very aft of the sub is a stern thruster. The included minifigure is Axel Storm. The claw is to be used to grab the ring. The ring is also only in that set and Portal of Atlantis.

The sub is 24 cm long and 21 cm wide.


The Turbo Sub was built by Professor Sam Rhodes, using bricks found in the docking bay of the Neptune. It was designed as a fast and agile vessel for exploration and discovery missions. Since the majority of the ship's structure is devoted to the propulsion system, it has only enough space for one crew-person despite its rather large size.[2]


Typhoon Turbo Sub


  • The yellow turtle key was also included in 8079 Shadow Snapper.
  • The box art shows the rubber gun on the port instead of the starboard side.
  • The box art shows that the spring loaded gun on the left is different from the one that is on the right. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

The Typhoon Turbo Sub dives into action!
Deep at the bottom of the ocean, the yellow Atlantis Treasure Key is guarded by a ferocious Shark Warrior. Send the Typhoon Turbo Sub into battle – when the fight gets tough, its powerful high-speed turbine engines flip around to reveal a key-grabbing claw and hidden torpedo launcher! It’s time to discover the lost secrets of Atlantis!

  • Set includes 2 minifigures: 1 heroic diver and 1 Shark Warrior!
  • Yellow Atlantis treasure key included; collect them all!
  • Flip over the rotating sub propellers!
  • Sub is armed with torpedo shooter and flick fire missiles!
  • Claw grabs and holds the treasure key!

Minifigures Included



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