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8061 Gateway of the Squid is a LEGO Atlantis set released in December of 2009.[1] It contains the remains of a sunken temple protected by a gateway that can be unlocked by the included Squid Key, as well as a gigantic squid and a small albino octopus and three Minifigures, comprising two Divers and a Squid Warrior. It has 353 pieces.


The Gateway.

The sunken temple ruin consists of a golden gateway with a big altar behind it where a golden treasure chest is stored. At the front, a stairway leads up to a small platform with a round stone in front of the gate. The stone can accept the included squid key and is connected to a system of strap reels that are connected to the gate. Turning the key on the stone piece opens the gateway. Behind it is another stairway that leads up to the altar with the treasure chest which is mounted on a trap door that is pushed up when a knob at the rear is turned. The space beneath the door is empty. When the treasure chest is opened, it has a Red, Green, Blue, and Clear jewel inside (probably a Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, and Diamond respectively).

Next to the altar is a boom to which the white (smaller) squid can be affixed. At the top of the altar is a pin where the black squid can be mounted on.

The black squid has two big tentacles and four small ones and a separate teeth section that can be rotated by turning a knob at the opposing end of the monster's head. The white squid has eight arms that can be used to trap a minifigure inside them.

The three included minifigures comprise a red squid warrior armed with a trident, and Lance Spears armed with a Harpoon and Professor Sam Rhodes armed with a Harpoon divers.



  • Trap Door


  • Another blue squid key was included in 8057 Wreck Raider.
  • This is the first set of the theme that actually features one of the ruins of the eponymous sunken city of Atlantis. All other sets of the first release wave include submarines of the human explorers or single minifigures. Another actual Atlantis structure is featured in 8078 Portal of Atlantis.
  • This set is 22.5 cm long and 22.5 cm high.

Minifigures Included Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Unlock the Gateway of the Squid…if you dare!

The Deep Salvage Crew divers have found their first big clue to the location of Atlantis: an ancient underwater temple with gates that automatically open at the turn of a treasure key! Inside are traps, treasures and mighty guardians, including an octopus prison cage, a fearsome Squid Warrior, and a monstrous giant squid with flailing tentacles and massive snapping jaws. Can the divers reach the golden treasure chest at the heart of the temple, or will they be captured for daring to trespass in this deep-sea domain? Includes Squid Warrior with trident and 2 deep-sea diver minifigures.

  • Includes Squid Warrior minifigure and 2 diver minifigures!
  • Collectable blue treasure key included; collect them all!
  • Trap door opens to capture the divers!
  • Open the temple gates with blue treasure key!
  • Measures 15" (38cm) long!


  1. 1.0 1.1 This set could be found at Toys-R-Us stores in the US beginning in December, one month before the official world-wide release date.

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