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8078 Portal of Atlantis is a set that was released in late May of 2010 as part of the Atlantis theme.


Early indications show that this set appears to be very similar to the Shark Castle as seen in some of the maps in the back of the other Atlantis instruction booklets. It will come with five Keys and Divers. It also comes with a Skeleton with a Aqua Raiders Helmet on. The shark head entrance opens and closes if you tilt the head up. It has included a jail in the back due to the handcuffs in one of the pictures and the cages mentioned in Dr. Artimus Rhodes's journal. At the top tower is the gate to the portal, and it has five slots, as seen in 8061, and the bottom one twists open the portal to reveal a golden treasure chest. The back consists of a bed, tables and supplies. Also, the two sharks seen in LEGO Atlantis: The Movie are included.


Portal Building

  • Trap Door?


  • Teeth


  • The Portal of Atlantis is seen in the Atlantis Mini Movie during the climax.
  • This set is the largest Atlantis set so far with 1007 pieces and the only Atlantis set that contains all of the keys.
  • The skeleton diver uses the helmet print from AquaRaiders which implies that both themes are connected. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

The portal to the lost city of Atlantis has been discovered!

Getting through it will be the diver’s greatest challenge yet! The divers must get past hidden traps, shark guardian statues that come alive, Squid and Shark Warriors, and the Portal Emperor before unlocking the portal with the five Atlantis treasure keys.

  • Includes 7 minifigures: 3 divers, 1 Portal Emperor, 1 Squid Warrior, 1 Shark Warrior, 1 skeleton
  • Features all 5 Atlantis treasure keys -- green, blue, yellow, red and orange
  • Divers must beware of the hidden traps!
  • Turn a treasure key into the keystone to open the portal to Atlantis!
  • Shark castle measures 18" (46cm) wide and over 12” (32cm) tall

Minifigures Included


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