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8080 Undersea Explorer is a limited edition Atlantis set, released in late May 2010. It comes with a red Atlantis Key (the Shark Key), the Sea Serpent, and a Bobby Buoy minifigure.


The Undersea Explorer has two arms and a missile launcher on one of them. On the other arm there is a grabbing hand which can pick up keys. It has six wheels and an assortment of lights. Two flick missiles are mounted on the top, along with lime green propellers. It can transform from a six wheeled, surface rolling tank-like machine into a massive walker that has two rocket-powered torpedoes. It also includes a black and yellow sea serpent.


Undersea Explorer

Sea Serpent

  • Teeth
  • Tail


  • The Undersea Explorer was designed by LEGO Employee Mark Stafford. The set originated as a Power Miners concept, but was eventually adopted as an Atlantis set.
  • In the United States the set was a Target exclusive.
  • In the Netherlands the set is a Bart Smit exclusive. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Battle the guardian serpent with the transforming undersea explorer!

  • Searching the darkest depths of the ocean floor for the red Atlantis treasure key, the undersea explorer engages the huge guardian sea serpent! While in rover configuration, the undersea explorer doesn't stand a chance...but transforming into a giant robot, with torpedo launcher and grappling arm, the undersea explorer is more than ready to defend itself!
  • Includes 1 heroic diver minifigure
  • Features red Atlantis treasure key
  • Undersea explorer transforms from seabed rover into robot equipped with torpedo launcher and grapple arm
  • Sea serpent measures 13" (33cm) long
  • Explorer measures over 5" (14cm) long in rover configuration, over 7" (19cm) tall in robot configuration

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