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The set 8088 ARC-170 Starfighter is a LEGO Star Wars: The Clone Wars set released in December 2009. The set contains 396 pieces, and includes Kit Fisto, Captain Jag, a Clone Pilot, and R4-P44 Minifigures.


The set features three opening cockpits for the Minifigures and two flick-fire missiles. The wings of the ARC are known as S-foil wings, similar to the wings found on the X-Wing-class ships. The ARC-170 Starfighter is the predecessor to the X-Wing; however, the S-foil wings contain a vertical wing in between the opening wing sections. The wing sections can be "opened" by turning the TECHNIC rod on the back of the ship. This rod is also used to "fire" the flick-fire missiles. The engine sections of the ship are much larger than LEGO's original rendition of the ARC-170, using larger wheel pieces for the intake similar to the ones included in the set 7261 Clone Turbo Tank, only in white. Also, unlike the first model, the rear-mounted cannon has two barrels—a ventral cannon on top, a dorsal cannon on the underside—instead of one single barrel on top. This set features several new pieces for 2010, including the 2x4 tile, 1x2 cheese slope, and the redesigned cockpit canopy which attaches to a hinge via four studs. The old version can be seen here, as LEGO's first rendition of the ARC-170 Starfighter.

The set also includes Kit Fisto with a green lightsaber, which also features a new colour for the Lightsaber hilt—silver. The Clone Pilot Minifigure has been redesigned since its first release in 2005, now featuring an open-faced helmet and more accurate torso print. Captain Jag is similar to the other pilot, except that he features new blue markings on his helmet.


The Aggressive ReConnaissance 170 Starfighter, or simply ARC-170 Starfighter was a starfighter and heavy bomber used by the Republic Army during the later days of the Clone Wars. The ship featured six proton torpedoes in addition to the wingtip-mounted laser cannons which were larger than those carried by most other military starfighters. They were known to escort other, smaller fighters such as V-wing starfighters and Eta-2 interceptors. The crew consisted of three Clone Pilots - one pilot, one forward gunner to control the wing guns, one tail gunner to control the rear-mounted cannons, and one Astromech Droid to make any necessary onboard repairs or navigation.


  • This set is very similar to the original ARC-170 Starfighter (7259) from 2005, and they have the exactly the same number of pieces. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Blast the Separatists out of space with the powerful ARC-170!
Droid forces beware – the ARC-170 starfighter has arrived! Built with the latest in Republic technology, this Clone Wars fighter-bomber carries a crew of clone pilots and Jedi Master Kit Fisto into battle anywhere the enemy strikes. Turn the gear on the back to open and close the S-foil attack wings, then push it to launch auto-firing flick missiles!

  • Includes 2 clone pilots, Kit Fisto and astromech droid
  • Turn gear on back to open or close the S-foil attack wings
  • Push gear to launch auto-firing flick missiles
  • Measures over 7" (17cm) tall; wingspan measures over 19" (48cm) wide

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  1. This set could be found at Toys-R-Us stores in the US beginning in December, one month before the official world-wide release date.

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