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81007 Design Your Own LEGO City Set is a LEGO City set that was released on October 28, 2020 as a trial set.


The set has no fixed amount of pieces or minifigures. Originally launched as a trial run only in Denmark, the set allows users to visit an online website based in Denmark and build a LEGO City set with an online customizer similar to LEGO Digital Designer that features a wide variety of pieces and minifigures, then purchase that set for a set price of Kr.649.00. The requested set combination will then be packaged and sent to the customer along with basic building instructions for the design that they chose. The service is currently only available in Denmark, and while the landing page is accessible to all, the actual designer must be used from either within Denmark or with a VPN set to a Danish server. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Denne helt nye LEGO City oplevelse gør det muligt for dit barn at designe sit helt eget LEGO City sæt med mere end 30 forskellige bygninger, køretøjer og figurer at vælge imellem.

  • Ingen byer er ens. Derfor kan du vælge imellem 15 forskellige LEGO bygninger og køretøjer

  • Giv din by liv og vælg mellem 15 forskellige LEGO minifigurer og dyr

  • For at gøre det til din LEGO by, får du dit navn skrevet på æsken



  • Despite containing a widely varying amount of pieces, the set's price remains fixed at Kr.649.00.
  • The set is currently only available in Denmark and has not been trialed anywhere else.
  • The set is one of the only sets with customizable boxes, as the name in the bottom right corner can be customized.

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