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8100 Cyclone Defender is an Exo-Force set released in 2007. It includes 92 pieces and a minifigure, Ryo.


The armour is mostly dark green with some bright yellow pieces. The left arm of the Cyclone Defender holds a green, rotating shield. The shield has two black swords placed on it. The right arm holds a handgun, but does not fire anything. Near the cockpit, there are 3 flick missiles and a wrench. In the cockpit, instead of sitting down, the minifigure stands up.


  • Turning the gears will cause the shield to spin.


The Cyclone Defender was a small battle machine hidden in the Golden City when Ryo of the Exo Force found a code brick that unlocked it. It served as a replacement for Uplink, his previous battle machine.


  • This set can be combined with 8102 Blade Titan and 8103 Sky Guardian to build the Sky Titan.
  • Like all 2007 Exo-Force products, the set includes an "Exo-Code" that could be typed in on
  • This set is more or less the same size as Ryo's previous battle machine, Uplink. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Ryo is using this battle machine, found in the Golden Tower, while he attempts to repair Uplink. He is considering the possibility of cannibalizing some of Uplink’s circuitry and adding it to Cyclone Defender, although this would be more out of nostalgia than need. Although smaller than Blade Titan or Sky Guardian, its variable-pulse blaster and bladed defense shield means it packs more punch than Uplink ever did. It is also possible to link the Cyclone Defender directly into the golden city’s computer banks for swifter entry of codes and downloading of information.

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