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8101 Claw Crusher is an Exo-Force set released in 2007. It includes 99 pieces and one Devastator minifigure.


The Claw Crushers were mass-produced battle machines used by the robot faction of Exo-Force. They essentially replaced the Sentry mechs used by the robots in the 2006 storyline. Each Claw Crusher was piloted by a silver Devastator robot. They were roughly the same size as the Cyclone Defender and were used to attack the Golden City.

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The newest battle machine designed for use by Iron Drones, the Claw Crusher is also mass-produced much as the Sentry was previously. Also like the Sentry, it is considered expendable by the robots – therefore armor is sacrificed in favor of better armament. Claw Crushers are designed to attack en masse – so where one by itself might not seem overly formidable, dozens or hundreds working together are almost unbeatable.

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