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8104 Shadow Crawler is an Exo-Force set released in 2007 as part of the Golden City line. Included is a battle machine, a Green Devastator, and a skeleton. The skeleton is held inside of the translucent green prison pod on the back of the vehicle.


Shadow Crawlers were mass-produced robot battle machines, first used during the Golden City Era. They had the ability to walk on walls and, due to the large, bulbous pods on their back, could capture humans to take to the robot fortress. This was attempted with Ha-Ya-To, but ultimately failed when he was saved by Hitomi.


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One of the most insidious robot battle machines ever invented, the Shadow Crawler takes the war between human and machine to a new and sinister low. Mounted atop each Shadow Crawler is a prison pod, normally containing either a captured EXO-FORCE pilot or other human captive. Armed with laser cannons, missile launcher and destroyer disk launcher, the Shadow Crawler is also able to operate in full stealth mode and scale any surface

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