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81087 Minifigure Speech Bubbles is a Minifigures set released in 2011.


Included in this set are 24 speech bubbles in red, yellow, blue and clear. There are 6 bubbles per colour in three different styles: regular, exclamation (jagged edges) and thought bubble. A sheet of 12 pre-printed and 24 unprinted message stickers to go on the bubbles is included, along with a stencil so you can cut your own correct size stickers. Also included is a random minifigure, either one with a red torso, blue pants and smiley face or one with a blue torso with white arms, white pants and a smiley face. There were two different packages that this set came in. This set was released at Toys-R-Us.

The speech bubbles have a hole for attaching around a minifigure's neck. They are made out of plastic and can bend and flex. They come in five different colours (red, yellow, green, blue and trans-clear) and three different shapes (regular, exclamation and thought).

Minifigures Included

Random minifigure 1Random minifigure 2



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